Photo Challenge/Paint The Moon – Weeks 5 & 6


©AmberYeagerPhotography, 2013

Paint The Moon – Weekly Photo Challenge

Week 5 ~ Finding the Light

Nala is certainly the best at finding the light…here she is soaking up the rays on of the many sunny days we’ve had recently.

©AmberYeagerPhotography, 2013

I love this one of Miss J splashing in the puddles too on another sunny day!


Week 6 ~ Good Morning

I have to admit that this is not my favorite and at some point I will attempt to get one that fits this theme that is more to my liking, but it was time to post my photo so I had to go with what I had. 😉  I do like that it’s real though.  This shows our morning routine right down to Elmo being by Joslyn’s side at breakfast.  We usually eat breakfast at the coffee table as opposed to in the highchair.  Jos always has her water bottle, a little heart muffin cup (since it’s February) filled with cereal o’s, some kind of fruit, and then whatever else we are having such as oatmeal and toast or cheesy eggs, etc…  We eat our breakfast, sometimes read books, and wait for the 10-15 minute portion of Elmo’s World to come on at the end of Sesame Street at which point I turn on the t.v. and someone squeals with delight!  I know that it is stressed these days to not let your kiddos watch t.v. until they are 2 but I feel like the amount we watch is fine.  Now, if I had the t.v. on throughout the day, used it as a babysitter, and never interacted with my daughter doing other things then perhaps we would have a problem but that’s just not the case, so if we watch 15 minutes of Elmo and Super Why occasionally then so be it!  That being said, at Joslyn’s last doctor appointment she just had to bring along her Elmo and her Super Why doll so we couldn’t even fudge to the doctor that she watches t.v. 🙂  hehehe!  And yes, the doctor did ask!   Obviously, I do feel a little guilty about it or I wouldn’t be defending our habits here 😉 but ultimately I’ve come to realize that we all as parents let go of our pre-parenting ideals in part once our kiddos arrive and if that helps keep our sanity intact then I say it’s a GREAT thing as long as we don’t overdo it!  Now, I will get out of defense mode…


Oh wait, one more thing we probably aren’t suppose to do….  Someone knows just how to access their apps on Mom and Dad’s phones.  Hmmmm, wonder who that could be? 🙂


Playing at our local Children’s Activity Museum, and I think Jos would make her Grampi proud here!  She loves to work at the “woodworking table”!


Walking with our dear friend, Julie, who always so graciously pushes the stroller while I try to keep the wee one on track after she has demanded to walk. 🙂


And sweet kisses for Momma…love this girl’s kisses!

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One Response to Photo Challenge/Paint The Moon – Weeks 5 & 6

  1. I’M sure u don’t overdo the TV watching as some do. U are a great MOMMA in my eyes. I love all u do with JOS.

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