Happy Birthday Nanny!


Happy Birthday to Joslyn’s beloved Nanny!!  The pictures above demonstrate just a few of the  reasons Jos loves her soooo much and is constantly asking for “Nannyyyyyyyy”!

Photo 1 – Nanny always reads books with Joslyn.

Photo 2 – Nanny is fun and playful and does silly things like sit right down on Santa’s lap!

Photo 3 – Nanny is very active (don’t get me started on her busy Zumba schedule ;)) and plays with Joslyn.

Photo 4 – Nanny has a plum tree and shares her plums with Joslyn.  Now every time Joslyn sees a plum, whether it be in real life or in a photo, she says, “Nanny”.

We love you Nanny (Mary Lou) and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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