Valentine’s Day Countdown: February 5, 6, & 7


I am so tired tonight, so I’m going to try and keep this to mostly photos.  February 5th was doily rubbing where we taped doilies to paper and colored over them with chalk and crayons.  Jos had fun but this would really be a fun activity for older kiddos and I’d suggest using crayons if you try it.  When you are finished you remove the doilies and have a neat design left underneath.  February 6th was making Valentine cards for friends and family.  Jos sponge painted some hearts I cut out for her and had lots of fun with this.  Now if I can only finish them by writing the messages on them and then actually hand them out…  February 7th, today, was making heart necklaces and edible cereal O necklaces.  We made the heart necklaces and Jos had fun taking it on and off and also dressing up her dollies with it.  Of course, this also is an activity better suited for older kiddos as you don’t have to be so vigilant in terms of supervision with a necklace. 🙂  It was fun for Joslyn to pull the yarn through the holes in the heart though she couldn’t quite get the yarn through the hole herself.  I had to start it and then she would finish.  The cereal O necklace didn’t happen but we made one a couple of weeks ago so no loss!  We also had lots of friends over today for our Thursday play date which was lots of fun.







Joslyn also got an Elmo magic cloth that expands in water yesterday. 🙂 For the love of Elmo….









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