Valentine’s Day Countdown: February 4


It was a 2-for-1 kind of day so we made cookies and played a new game.



We made heart-shaped sugar cookie sandwiches! Jos helped me pour ingredients, stir, and then she helped me “pat” the dough into discs so we could wrap it and refrigerate it for an hour.  She decided that aerating the dough was more fun though than patting it so she poked as many holes in it as she could with her finger. 😉  Later, she helped me cut out and bake the first batch and then she napped while Momma finished up.


These were, by far, the best sugar cookies I’ve ever made and easy too!  I’ve never had them turn out so nicely before so the recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart, is a keeper!  If you click on the link you’ll notice that Martha’s cookies don’t look exactly like this.  I saw this heart-shaped sandwich cookie idea in another of her recipes and borrowed the idea.  We filled these ones with Nutella. YUM!


These ones were filled with strawberry jam!  I think in the future it would be fun to experiment with different fillings although it may be hard for me to stray from these two as they were awesome!


And this is our heart match up game!  I bought some foam pieces at the dollar store, cut them into heart shapes, and then wrote words on them.  The idea is to find two hearts that match, same word and same color.  No, I’m not drilling my child in hopes that she can read the classics by the ripe old age of three…we really are just having fun!  She truly enjoys identifying her letters and colors and delights in her success when she finds matches.  She will play for a few minutes and then it’s on to something else.  She also enjoyed just picking up the hearts that said Mom and Dad and hugging them today. 🙂  I found this idea on a blog, but I can’t remember which one but thought it was such a fun and cute idea.  In fact, I’m thinking this would be a great and inexpensive birthday gift for little ones, a party favor, etc…  You could do numbers, letters, pictures….



This has nothing to do with today other than the fact that Joslyn ate a TON of it!  I made this for a Super Bowl gathering we had with some friends.  I found the recipe in Parents magazine and thought it looked cute and liked that it had garbanzo beans in it…it made me feel like it was healthier! 🙂  It’s a cheese ball football and I wasn’t super impressed with it last night but it was SO much better today after being refrigerated for 24 hours.  In fact, I almost tossed the recipe until I tried some again today and decided I wanted to hang on to it.  The recipe is below if you are interested with a few minor tweaks…

4oz cream cheese

4oz sharp cheddar cheese

1/4 cup roasted red pepper

1/2 cup garbanzo beans

1/2 cup crushed pretzels for cheese ball and more for dipping


In a food processor, mix the cheeses and garbanzo beans together until smooth.  In the original recipe, it said to finely dice the red pepper and then stir it in but I just added it right to the food processor and mixed it all together until smooth.  The chives are supposed to just be for the top to make it look like a football but next time I’m going to chop some up and add them in as it tastes great with the chives!  Once the mixture is complete spread into a flat dish and refrigerate for 30 minutes or up to 24 hours.  I actually stuck mine in the fridge for 30 minutes and then the freezer to firm it up a bit more before shaping it into a football.  Place pretzels in a Ziploc bag and crush them into fine crumbs.  Pour pretzel crumbs onto wax paper.  Scoop cheese out of dish and shape into a football.  Roll it in the pretzel crumbs to coat.  Transfer to a serving plate and use chives to make the laces.  I would then suggest refrigerating the shaped cheese ball for a bit longer as I thought it was much better the next day.  Serve with pretzels or crackers.

It is very similar to a pimento cheese spread that a friend (Jane) of ours makes.  It is Justin’s favorite so I’m considering using that recipe next time and attempting to shape it into a football or heart or whatever else strikes my fancy! 😉

That’s it for now.  Have a wonderful night all!

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