If You Need a Laugh…


So, I was recently asked by the super talented Mica Sansaver to be a part of another photo group where I take photos each week based on a certain theme.  Before I get to that though, Mica took some family photos for us in the fall which I have yet to get around to posting, but we LOVE them and she is awesome!  Be sure to click on her name above and check out her blog and website.

Back to the new photo project…the first theme I missed was self-portrait.  I was a bit reluctant to do this but I actually got into it and now have a number of self-portraits to choose from. 😉  Yesterday it was very windy here, imagine that, and they say Chicago is the windy city!  HA!  I decided to try to get some windy day photos and embrace the wind I often curse.  It went ok although the photos weren’t as sharp as I would have liked but that’s ok…in fact, many were downright blurry.  You see I was struggling to focus my camera on something and then get myself into the photo in the same location.  This was easy inside but not outside.  At the end I stood a table on end, focused the camera on the table, ran to the table and quickly moved it out of the way, and put myself in its place.  This worked ok but far from perfect.  It was quite a circus, let me tell you!  Luckily, I did this all during nap time!  I liked how the photo above turned out but right after this disaster almost struck…


the wind decided to blow over the tripod with my camera on top but thanks to my quick reactions I was able to catch it!  😉  Once I downloaded my photos I found this lovely gem! 😉  It certainly made me laugh…hope it gives you a good chuckle too!

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3 Responses to If You Need a Laugh…

  1. mary lou says:

    I would love to have the one you posed, not the running one, although it was pretty reactive

  2. alison rice says:

    hahahaha this is priceless. i love it and you.

    • You are so sweet to mention me! I loved this blog post, I literally laughed out loud reading the last bit. I love it, you are so cute even chasing cameras before they fall! I am so excited you joined the group, I love seeing what you post. I am so glad it has gotten you excited about taking photos. I like the themes too, it makes me think bigger and challenges me to create something outside of my normal. 🙂 So glad you are a part of this project!

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