Photo Challenge – Week 4 ~ A Different Perspective & Daycare Success!


Last week’s challenge was to capture a different perspective…looking down or up on a subject, finding interesting angles, etc…  I think that this always makes it more interesting for the viewer.  I had my camera along on a walk we took on Friday and captured this one.  At the beginning of our walk Jos was all snug in the ERGO as we headed out with Nala.  Well, that lasted maybe 5 minutes before she was squirming to get out so I let her down to walk and what happens…the photo says it all!  After ten steps she was asking to be carried by Mommeeeeee!  Classic!

In other SUPER DUPER SUPER SUPER, did I say SUPER, news, Miss Joslyn spent 2 hours at daycare today and she did so amazingly well!  I cannot begin to explain the joy, pride, and relief I felt when I picked her up and saw her playing happily and just as happy as a clam!  For those who know Miss J, you know this is quite an accomplishment.  She is an extremely cautious girl and it generally takes a looooong time for her to warm up to people.  I was actually proud of myself too when I dropped her off.  I was there for less than five minutes and got out the door before any tears came.  I told her I loved her, gave her a kiss, said I would see her later, and then I said bye-bye and got up to leave.  As soon as I said bye-bye and got up she started crying/screaming but I continued to walk to the door.  I looked back once and saw her running toward me but I didn’t stop as much as I wanted to!  I drove myself home and cleaned the house like a crazed woman!  I knew I had to do something to keep my mind occupied.  Then 15 minutes before I was going to leave to pick her up I decided to take Nala for a quick walk.  When I finally got in the car to go get my baby my tummy felt all fluttery just like it did when I dropped her off.  When I arrived and opened the door she was happily playing with Miss Jennifer.  She looked up and saw me and a huge smile spread across her face.  She walked over and gave me a big hug and I knew she had done great!  Miss Heidi and Miss Jennifer proceeded to tell me about how well she had done and they were gushing with joy and pride for my baby too which made Joslyn once again get a huge smile on her face.  She was going up and down on her tiptoes, smiling, and looking at me as they were telling me about how good she did.  I do think she was quite proud of herself as well!  Then get this….she looks at me and says “bye-bye” and then goes off to play some more without missing a beat!  I LOVE it!!!  I had hoped that without me there she would adjust and be just fine and it seems that is exactly what happened!  I can’t say enough about Miss Heidi and Miss Jennifer and their loving, nurturing ways…so glad we found them!

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2 Responses to Photo Challenge – Week 4 ~ A Different Perspective & Daycare Success!

  1. alison rice says:

    WOW this is a HUGE step. Great job today walking away. i know how hard that can be. Good for you Amber and better for Miss J that you did keep walking. I was so happy for you when i read this.
    Happy Monday.

    • Wohoo! I absolutely love reading your blog and hearing all about what you guys are doing. You are one incredible momma. You guys do so many fun things together! I loved hearing that you had a daycare success. That had to be so hard to keep walking. I think I would have been wondering the whole time if she was still crying or upset, therefor cleaning like mad too! Hehe. But wohoo for sticking it out and getting to celebrate the triumphs that came! So happy for you and Jos!

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