January Family Fun Night & More


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to plan a family fun night at least once a month.  So, I decided the night before that we would have a picnic on the floor (using the lovely picnic blanket made by my MIL, Mary Lou, for us for Christmas), play dress up with Jos, and do something fun and different for Joslyn at bath time.  So, I made my friend’s chicken salad recipe (Thanks Kelly!) and we had chicken salad sandwiches, grape tomatoes, sliced cheese, and apples for dinner! 🙂 Joslyn loved having dinner on the floor and the next night at dinner time proceeded to sit on the floor and pat the carpet as if she was waiting for us to do the same thing. 😉  The cutest part was how she placed her napkin on her lap.  I think she was excited to have a napkin that was the same as ours and as I was sitting down I noticed she was unfolding her napkin and then she put it right in her lap. SO CUTE!


As for the dress-up part, we had a sheet up that we could go behind where there was a pile of a few different clothing items, toys, etc… to choose for costumes and props. This was all thrown together right after dinner so we didn’t have a lot to choose from but it was fun and we made it work.  Our first victim was Nala!  Yes, she even got in on the fun although I think she may have preferred to stay on the couch.  Next up was Justin but I was instructed not to share those photos on here. 😉  I will say that his first costume was hands down the BEST of the night!


My first costume was this…  I was rocking out with my egg shakers and rhythm sticks!


Jos decided she wanted my glasses!


Then later, I morphed into the Valentine Fairy. 🙂


This was Joslyn’s first costume although I’m not quite sure how to classify it…


Here was her second costume as an adventure racer with a stylin’ hat.


And this was her last costume…a gypsy, perhaps?  Notice how she has two wooden letters in her hand that say YO!  hehehe!  She got a puzzle of her name for Christmas and she likes to carry around the y and the o for some reason.

Such a silly time but very fun and Joslyn definitely enjoyed it!  As for bath, I made some colored ice cubes using a drop of food coloring in each one and Jos got to play with those and watch them melt and change the color of her bath water.  Very fun!


In other news, I found these adorable and tiny espresso cups at a local store and thought they would be perfect for a little Valentine tea party!  The bottom of the cup is concave and fits right on the saucer perfectly. Joslyn tried one out with cocoa the other morning and enjoyed it.  I have decided that I am doing a Valentine countdown like we did at Christmas as that was a lot of fun for us and of course, one of our items will be a Valentine tea party.  I also found that it made our days more exciting with a focus each day and I enjoyed the planning aspect.  I think there’s a theme here with our family fun night and our countdowns…I clearly miss making lesson plans! 🙂  I actually brought out my pocket chart the other day and am seriously considering some easy songs and activities I can do with Joslyn using it!  By the way, if anyone has any creative ideas regarding family fun nights or Valentine countdown ideas then please share!


Joslyn got some lacing cards the other day and can do it with help but much prefers to use the strings as leashes and take the cards and other various toys of hers for walks.


She has also learned this new trick!


This week Miss J also had two doctor’s appointments!  One was with her pediatrician and then the other was her very first dentist appointment.  Everything was fine at the doctor although she is now lower on the percentile rank in weight but right in the middle for height.  The doc said she looked perfectly healthy though so nothing to worry about in regards to weight.  I do sometimes wish those percentile ranks weren’t even shared though especially if a kiddo does look and seem perfectly healthy!  I guess it’s still good info to have…  Of course, Joslyn once again demonstrated her brute strength and lung capacity at both appointments.  The pic above is from her dental appointment today.  This was before they called us back when she was happy to be coloring and in a place surrounded by jungle painted walls.  The room we went to even had very interesting toys to play with and not to mention, the dentist was out of this world AMAZING!  None of that mattered to this girl though. 😉  The dentist did mention how strong she was and I shared that we also keep hearing that from the pediatrician! hehehe!  Anyway, the dentist said her teeth looked great so that was wonderful to hear and Jos got a rubber ducky toy to take home.  I kept talking very positively about how great she did at the dentist’s office (even though that’s not so true 😉 and I also did this with the doctor’s appointment too) and when we were telling Justin about it she seemed to be beaming with pride and would shake her head yes when I said what a good job she did and that the doctor said she had beautiful teeth and was sooo good at letting Mommy and Daddy help her brush!  We’ll see how that carries over to the next appointment in 6 months…  Anyway, I’m SO glad we went with a pediatric dentist, for our little one especially!  I had one as a child and have such positive memories of that time and I hope Joslyn can eventually make positive connections with Dr. T which I think she will as Dr. T is incredible!

As for this weekend, we are looking forward to what should be some fun-filled family time with Joslyn’s Nanny, Grampi, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.

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