Photo Challenge-Week 3 ~ Freeze Time


This week’s photo challenge by Paint The Moon was to capture a memory that makes you wish you could freeze time.  A number of photos fit this description for me so it was challenging to narrow it down but I chose the one above.  Miss Jos is signing more and saying “ma ma ma”!  I love that she signs and now that she is starting to add some spoken words I just can’t get enough of her sweet little voice.  More or “ma ma” as she says it is probably my favorite other than when she says “MommEEEEE” with an emphasis on the EEEEE. 😉 She does this with the words Daddy and Nanny too.  I do miss her calling me Momma but the way she says Mommy is too cute to resist.


I know this photo of Nala is in the previous post but I actually chose two photos this month and this one made the cut as well.  I love my sweet puppy girl and can hardly believe she will be 7 this year!  Definitely wish I could freeze time with her!

Below are a few more that were in the running…


This one is on the same day as the photo of Jos above.  She was focusing on forking her red peppers and I think it is so precious when little ones stick out their tongues while they are concentrating on very important work!




I also love, love, love this one!  I really wish I could freeze time here.  This is Jos after nap time.  She curls up in my lap, fitting so perfectly, and snuggles while she wakes up.  I could sit like this with her all day if she would allow it. 🙂


This was just before she woke up…hands behind her ears, snoozing away! hehehe!


Playing with Momma’s bracelets which occasionally allows Momma some time to get ready in the morning!


The “hmmmmm”!  Oh, how Joslyn LOVES to hide her toys and then say this while we try to find them.  She also likes to lead us to spots where they are NOT hiding and say “uh-uh”.  As much as I tire of this game, it literally happens ALL day long, I do think it’s so cute and know I will miss it someday.


Here is my little fairy hiding herself this time.  She has two hiding spots…behind the curtains to the slider where she is here and behind the rocking chair. 🙂  Love these little moments!

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