Our Week…


We started the week with a special breakfast on Sunday morning and Joslyn’s beloved Little People animals joined us! 🙂  We enjoyed some delicious pumpkin oatmeal.  A friend put together a box with all of the ingredients plus recipe for us for Christmas and it was yummy…definitely a keeper!  Thanks C, B, & E!1sm

Jos also continues to enjoy helping her dolls and stuffies eat and drink in the highchair Grampi made for her dolls for Christmas.

My photo challenge for this week is to capture something that makes me want to freeze time and although I’m not submitting this one, it certainly fits in that category.  It’s so hard to choose just one sometimes.  Thank you to the Durham Family for passing down this Wyatt (Super Why) doll to Joslyn!


Yes, this is a daily occurrence around here! I’m fine until Miss Nala’s tongue starts licking the highchair tray which inevitably, it does! 😉6bsm

Gorgeous Nala!  We’ve had some sunny days as of late and I’ve been enjoying the light that spills in from our slider.  Perfect for photos!


Love her eyes!

In other news this week, we have enjoyed a trip to the library, grocery shopping and Jos driving the car cart, a couple of play dates, a walk with Nala and our friends, potato painting, and a visit and playtime at a daycare.  We had some new friends over yesterday for a play date and Joslyn and the little guy are just two months apart and about the same size.  They are also both fairly cautious kiddos.  It was SO fun seeing them together.  Their favorite game: hiding and finding different shapes I had cut out of different colored construction paper!  The little guy would hide them and then say “Where’d it go?” and then point it out immediately and Jos, of course, would hide hers and say “hmmmmmm” placing her finger to her lips.  Cheap entertainment!  We also went to this thing called Open Gym for the first time where they have lots of mats and things for kiddos to run, jump, and play on…I’m looking forward to more of that in the future.  Jos tried out the long trampoline, I held her hand and we ran down the length of it side by side, and she had a grin from ear to ear.  I’m not sure if she was thrilled to be at eye level with me or the fact that we were running/bouncing all the way down.

Looking forward to the weekend and time to relax before our busy week ahead that is full of doctor’s appointments!

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