Half Birthday Girl


Today was Joslyn’s half birthday.  Yes, my baby is one and a half…half way to two!  How did this happen?

I didn’t have anything planned for today and then mid-morning it dawned on me that it was Joslyn’s half birthday, so she and I made a special loaf of banana yogurt bread together.  We celebrated and sang Happy Half Birthday after dinner with Daddy and as you can see above, Miss J was thrilled!


She loved it!


The rest of our day was consumed by play, lunch with a friend (who made lunch for us at our house since Miss J was tired and crabby and not letting Momma away from her!), and a nice long nap.


A little shadow play…  Joslyn attempted to sign ‘I love you’ (prompted) today for the first time to her Papaw and Mamaw over Skype although she couldn’t quite get her fingers in the exact position they needed to be in.  It was very cute to see her try though!


Oh yes, this little devil had fun pulling the toilet paper off the roll today and then…


using it as a path for her animals (that’s hippo currently on the runway) and…


for herself!  Silly Goose!


So I did what any Momma in their right mind would do and I made her a toilet paper tank top out of her lovely work! 😉


It didn’t last long…

Happy Half Birthday to our precious munchkin!  My heart is overflowing with love for this sweet girl and each day she continues to make my life that much brighter.

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