2013 Photo Challenge

A friend recently mentioned this photo challenge to me so I thought I would check it out.  I didn’t think I would do it because of the usual excuse in my head telling me I had too many projects on my plate already, but this one just sounded so fun and special that I couldn’t resist.  The Paint the Moon This is Our Life project focuses on a different aspect of your life each week and challenges you to capture it in a photo not only helping you to improve your photography/editing skills but more importantly capturing memories for your family to cherish.  So, with that being said, I’m in!  Be sure to head over to Paint the Moon for more info if you want to check it out!



The theme for week 1 was Evening Rituals.  Of course, brushing the teeth is a definite part of our evenings despite the recent protests.  However, my little sweetie tends to let Daddy brush her teeth with relative ease.  I will have to learn his secret. 😉  Jos also likes to brush her own teeth and just has to look in the mirror when she’s doing it.



Week 2’s theme is This Makes Me Laugh.  When I saw this photo from our sledding trip this week I couldn’t help but laugh at my snow bunny with her shades on and that look on her face.  She was so excited to be outside in the snow!

I’m looking forward to these weekly challenges.  Thanks Melanie for telling me about it!

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