December 13


We also took some for the kitties too but obviously you see where our priorities are. 😉  First we took Nala for a quick walk (quick since it was cold and frosty), went to the store where Joslyn got to ride in the car shopping cart (SUPER difficult to steer but she loved it), bought two boxes of dog treats and two boxes of kitty treats and then headed to the shelter.


Of course, Nala got a special treat for helping us with our task today too.  It took her no time to devour her bone in the backseat and Jos was excited to give it to Nala.


Dropping off our treats under the tree at the shelter.


Now let’s rewind a bit…this was before we left on our errands.  Jos decided she wanted to wear Momma’s shoes and then pitched a holy fit when it was time to get hers on.  I gave her three choices of boots and finally she settled on her snow boots but it was NOT a fun process getting to that point!  However, seeing her waddle around the house in my big shoes with this grin was too cute!


And one of our finished salt dough ornaments hanging on Joslyn’s tree.

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One Response to December 13

  1. alison rice says:

    that’s a sweet day. sorry about the shoe ordeal.

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