December 7,8, & 9





Miss Joslyn had a great time helping Momma bake cookies Friday afternoon!  We decided she needed an apron so I put one of mine on her and she thought she was pretty special.


Later, while I was scooping cookies onto the baking sheet I gave her two bowls with flour, a spoon, measuring cup, and the allspice and let her make her own concoction!


Of course, she had to taste test it too!  I don’t think she was that impressed. 😉


The peanut butter and jelly cookie she made though was a different story!


While we made a few PB&J cookies, we made mostly peanut butter with white chocolate and peppermint Hershey’s kisses, my new favorite!

We had fun baking but toward the end Joslyn was climbing up on the little stepping stool and fell.  She cried but it was brief (honestly I thought my reaction is what made her cry) but once I finished comforting her and she seemed ok I put her down and noticed a limp when she started walking.  The poor little thing must have twisted something and has had a slight limp for the past two days although today she looks MUCH better!  There was no bruising or anything that looked out of place but it broke my heart to see my baby limping.  Oh, and the night before I was wiping some of Nala’s water dribbles off the floor (what’s new?) and when I came up and turned to throw the towel in the laundry room I apparently didn’t judge accurately how close I was to the door frame and slammed my head into it, VERY hard.  It immediately started swelling and then later bruised so I’ve had a lovely blue goose egg in the middle of my forehead for the past two days.  I have felt like some alien being from Star Trek every time I’ve looked in the mirror.  It’s better today though but boy did Joslyn and I make quite the pair this weekend.



None other than SUPER WHY…Joslyn’s favorite!



Jos was excited to see something special in the pouch today!


Giving Daddy the card to read.


It was a new ornament for her tiny tree in her room.



Jos helped me make the peppermint whipped cream with the Miracle Whisk from Mary Lou for my birthday.  It worked great!!


Nala says, “Where’s my cocoa people?”!


Jos liked her cocoa, of course!  It’s so much fun seeing her experience all these new things for the first time!

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2 Responses to December 7,8, & 9

  1. alison rice says:

    such fun. thanks for sharing.
    auntie Alison

  2. Mandy says:

    TOO CUTE!!!

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