December 6




Joslyn had a surprise waiting on her table when she woke up.  It was a bit big to fit into our countdown calendar. 🙂


A Jingle Bells book!



I love how she shows me the card and then points to the words like she’s reading them…it’s so cute!


We were excited to have our friends (we missed you C&E :() over for a play date and decided to make breakfast for them too.  Joslyn helped me make the pancakes and we also had bacon, pineapple, pumpkin cranberry bread, and coffee (water for the wee ones).  YUM!


They were so cute sitting at their little table!  It made my heart melt.


That afternoon, Jos did some finger painting and…


some cookie cutter painting and…


Christmas tree branch painting!  She enjoyed herself!  She also thought it would be fun to try painting her clothes…she dipped her hand in the paint (very aggressively, I might add) and then opened her palm and slowly brought it to her clothes as if she wasn’t sure what would happen.  Oh this silly girly!

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2 Responses to December 6

  1. Iris Marshall says:

    I love this sequence ——how fun that she points to the words —knows there is something unique message on there…….so much fun to watch how little ones think…..and enjoy.

  2. mary lou says:

    it is so great to come to the commuter in the morning and find Joslyn opening a new day.

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