December 5


Clearly, this one was more for me so…


I added this one as I thought it would be more fun for Jos.



This is not our new ornament.  In fact, this is also part of the reason I added the second part of today’s activity.  This Rudolph was an ornament from Justin’s family and Joslyn absolutely LOVED carrying this thing around.  You see, we have allowed her to have two ornaments from the tree to play with and it has worked pretty well as she has been pretty good about leaving the rest alone although she does need occasional reminders. 🙂  I also would place Rudolph on a different part of the tree everyday and she would have to find him.  I would say “Where’s Rudolph?” and Jos would go “Hmmmmm” and then point him out.  I thought Rudolph would be safe as he seemed like a sturdy and solid piece of wood.  However, poor Rudolph nearly had his head severed last night and I had to super glue him back together. 😦  So, Jos was informed Rudolph could no longer play and I decided we would try to find her a new Rudolph ornament.


Here is our new Rudolph, plush and perfectly suited for play!  I think we will continue our “Where’s Rudolph?” game with this little guy.  Joslyn was very excited about him when we found him at the store.


And our Christmas photos.  My little sweet pea was not into it but who can blame her as we just did this a couple of days ago for our Christmas card pics (should have planned that better).   We came away with a few sweet ones despite her lack of motivation. 🙂



“Momma, I’m soooo done with this!”


“Yo, Momma!  In case I wasn’t clear the first time.  I’m out!”

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  1. mary lou says:

    These photos are great

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