December 2




In addition to sharing a sweet treat with a friend, Jos had a sweet treat waiting for her in the December 2 pouch.


She was very excited about it and could hardly wait as I was unwrapping it.  She actually broke into giggles a couple of times she was so excited. 🙂



Don’t worry, she shared a bite with tiger too!  She also climbed onto her table to look for more sweets in the countdown pouches after she finished eating it.  Ha!  Unfortunately she was informed that she would have to wait to look into the others.  I fear someone has a sweet tooth like her Grampi! 😉


The sweet treat we shared was Cranberry Pumpkin Bread. YUM!


I took a loaf to a friend and Jos and I shared our bread with some more friends during a play date today.  During our play date we also got to enjoy some delicious and still warm cranberry oatmeal cookies made by my friend!

© Amber Yeager Photography, 2012

This has nothing to do with our activity for December 2 but it is a sneak peek at our Christmas card…

I had planned on using a family photo but found a fun idea I wanted to implement so of course, I’m taking the simple out of it and that’s ok because it’s fun!


Lastly, Miss Jos saying “Hmmmm”, as she ponders where to put the next ornament during our tree decorating tonight!  Love this silly willy girl!

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