“Momma, Can You Leaf Me Alone?”

This chickpea sure wasn’t interested in my camera this weekend on our fall walk with family…she was much more into picking up leaves.  Despite her lack of cooperation I did manage to get a couple of sweet shots of her.

For some reason these pictures really hit me and made me realize that she is definitely a toddler now!  She just looks so big in these photos, and I can’t believe that this time last year she was a tiny 3 month old peanut!  Wow!

Miss J at this time last year!

Back to the present now…Miss J enjoying the company of her Nanny & Grampi on our walk this weekend!

The group out for a walk.  We got to meet a new friend this weekend too.  Heidi is an exchange student from Taiwan and she is staying with Joel and Etsuko.  It was great to have her join us for Justin’s birthday celebration.

Mary Lou putting together the runzas! YUM!!!

Happy Birthday to Justin!  We had a Red Velvet cake without the red since Justin likes it but prefers to steer clear of red food coloring. 🙂  It was made with love by Mary Lou.

Miss Joslyn sharing some of her Dadda’s cake with Auntie Etsuko!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Justin….Joslyn and I love you very much!

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2 Responses to “Momma, Can You Leaf Me Alone?”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN. Sorry I missed getting a card out to you. Love Grandma Pishner.

  2. Khyra's Mom says:

    What great shots!

    We passed a humangirl pup last week – her grandmother was pulling her in a wagon – Khyra pulled me to her – she had to give her ‘khysses’ –

    When we passed her on the next street, she was deeply engrossed in the leaves she had collected!

    Thanks for sharing the smiles!

    NOW, is there any KHAKE left 😉 ?

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