After being gone for two weeks, we are finally home again.  We escaped our town two weeks ago due to the smoke-filled air from forest fires and spent a week with Ken and Mary Lou, Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi.  It was very gracious of them to take us in and then to keep Nala the next week while Justin, Joslyn, and I went to W.V. to visit my family!  Thank you Ken & Mary Lou…you are the best!  We enjoyed our time at Nanny & Grampi’s and spent lots of time outside taking walks, going to the park, picking and eating plums, riding in and pushing Joslyn’s new wagon from Jane (thanks Grampi for making an extended handle so our backs don’t go out pulling Miss J around for what feels like hours on end), etc…

Helping Nanny pick plums….one for the basket, one for the tummy, one for the basket, one for the tummy…

Nala joined us while we played outside and would follow us as we pushed Joslyn’s wagon around Iris and Frank’s blacktop…thanks for letting us play there Iris & Frank!  On another note, this evening after Joslyn gave her Dadda good night hugs and kisses she bent over and kissed Nala on the nose….so sweet!  I was afraid Nala would jump up and get out of there knocking Joslyn over in the process but she just lay there calmly accepting the kiss from her sis!

Oh, how I love my girls!

It may be another couple of weeks before I post again…I’m finishing up edits from two photo sessions and have another one in the morning that I will be working on, not to mention going through all of our photos from our W.V. trip.  We had a great time and I am excited to share but it may take a while.  I will post a couple of photos from our trip though…

One of Miss J and her Mamaw & Papaw…she developed quite a sweet relationship with them in a short time.  It was fun to watch that and see how much they adored her.

And one of my brother and his beautiful bride!  It was so wonderful to be at his wedding and he and Hope are certainly lucky to have found each other.  They are both wonderful people and they deserve lots of happiness!  Welcome to the family Hope!  I am so happy you are my new sister-in-law…now we just need to convince the girls to move out west so we can be closer! 🙂

More to come eventually…

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