No, we are not sick just busy with life, but I still can’t believe that I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks!!  Technically, Jos was sick for a few days but she is better now.  She had the Roseola virus which is apparently extremely common, especially among 6-15 month olds, and most kiddos get it before the age of 5.  Who knows where she picked it up…the park, grocery store….?  High temps and a rash after the fever broke…thankfully, it’s over and my babe is back to normal.  Notice her wounds from her fall in the pic above…all healed now!  YAY!  Just in time for our family photo session with Mica Sansaver! We won a photo session with her this week and it’s happening this Friday.  Woohoo!  I really like her work and am looking forward to having someone take photos of our little family.

Yes, it’s football season!  Gotta love Saturdays in the fall!  You know how our Saturdays have been spent for the past few weeks…

We enjoyed a visit from Grampi & Nanny a couple of weekends ago.  Here is Jos practicing for the balance beam with Grampi. 😉  Is it just me or do they have the same expression?

Here she is helping Nanny reorganize her bathroom bag.


Miss J has been enjoying lots of rides in the laundry basket!

Occasionally her dolls get to go along for the ride too.  Here she is attempting to get Jenny doll’s hat back on although she has not mastered that yet so can you guess who puts Jenny’s hat on over and over again throughout the day? 🙂

Climbing on top of the laundry basket is also a favorite pastime.  I think Joslyn and Nala thought they heard something outside in this one…probably Daddy coming home.

Heading out for a walk.

We’ve been seeing a couple of these critters in the herb garden lately.

The tomatoes are ripening and tasting oh so yummy too!! There’s nothing like a garden fresh tomato.  Apparently Joslyn agrees as she will eat alot more tomatoes if she gets to pick them and eat them straight from the vine rather than if they just show up on her plate.

My first cucumber!  Joslyn single-handedly ate this whole thing too, save the two bites I had to taste it.  It was yummy!

Joslyn and Ellie on a p.j. walk.  Ellie’s Momma went back to work full-time so we miss seeing them during our weekly morning walks and miss greatly getting together with them at other times too. 😦  However, p.j. walks and weekend get togethers will take care of that!

Now that the days are not as hot we have been spending ALOT more time outside and this girl can kick up quite a fuss when it’s time to go in…  However, right now there is so much smoke in the air from nearby fires that we have been banished to the indoors. 😦

Joslyn showing off her feet stomping dance moves!

Taking Ducky for a walk.  Joslyn loves this very special toy that Grampi made for her.

I think Nala is thinking that Jos can take Ducky for walks all she wants but she better not try that on her. 😉

Ducky likes to smell the flowers too!

Love this silly little girl!

I have been keeping up on the monthly owl photos but just haven’t posted them…one day I’ll get around to that. 😉

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  1. abbyhoefer says:

    She is so cute amber!!

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