Pigtails & Placemats

Miss Joslyn has been rocking the pigtails lately!  They are so cute and I’m excited that I can finally do something with her hair although I must say I think it’s just as cute without the pigtails. 🙂  She leaves them in for the most part but occasionally she pulls them out.  Fun times!

I got Joslyn a placemat (think I’ll order two more for me and Justin too so we can play along) at Pottery Barn a couple of weekends ago that shows a proper place setting and she’s been enjoying eating lunch and snack on it.  This day she actually sat down and ate her whole plate but the next day was a different story…  The next day she would take a bite and then get up to play…still working on sitting and eating when we are not in the highchair! 😉

Love this look…I think there’s some mischief in there.

Joslyn also got to try dipping her graham crackers in milk the other day…huge hit!  Although she would dunk her entire hand (pretty cute) she enjoyed eating them and then she actually drank most of the milk.  Love this little cutie patootie!

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