Bluegrass Baby!

Miss Joslyn rocked out at her first concert last night and it just happened to be Bluegrass.  She seemed to enjoy getting in touch with her WV roots. 😉  She recently learned to dance so she was bending her knees up and down to the music…a few teenagers were giggling at her and the silver foxes (aka grandparent types ;)) kept smiling and watching her bust a move.  Of course, she was oblivious to it all as she was focused on the band and her killer moves.

I figured while I was going through my iPhone pics I would include a couple more from a few months back.. Here is Jos at around 7 months enjoying some quality time in the laundry basket.

Here is my sweetie on our first shopping trip to the craft store together.  Gone are the days where she is in her carrier in front.  She’s mostly on my back now as she is far too heavy for the front carry. 😦  That’s ok, I enjoy having a little monkey on my back too.

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