The Zoo

This weekend we took Miss Joslyn to the zoo for the first time.  We had a good time but unfortunately it was quite hot (we went mid-day to avoid missing nap) so the animals weren’t very active or close…they were all hunkered down keeping cool and who can blame them.  We did get to see lots of fish up close though and we also saw walruses, seals, arctic foxes, a peacock, birds, a couple of monkeys, two elephants, and a tiger among others.  Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi joined us and it was so nice to have them along for Miss J’s first trip to the zoo.

The fish were definitely a hit with Jos.

She enjoyed looking at them with Grampi and reaching out to touch the glass as they would swim by.

Here she is signing fish and making her fishy sound. 🙂

Checking out the peacock.

Watching the birdies with Daddy.  This was definitely not a good exhibit for me to be holding Jos as I was a bit jumpy when one of these birdies would zoom past my head narrowly missing.  Give me the slower moving butterflies any day over these speed demons. 😉

Hanging out with the polar bear at the entrance.  We did see a polar bear too and Joslyn kept “grrrrring” at it.

Overall, we had a good time, but next time I think we’ll go to a bigger zoo and hopefully Miss J’s nap schedule will be different so we can go first thing in the morning.

We also spent two nights with Joslyn’s Uncle Joel & Aunt Etsuko and had a great time at a BBQ with wonderful family and friends.  Thanks for hosting Scott, Kate, & Blakely, we had a great time.

Above is Miss J at Joel & Etsuko’s trying to give me kisses through the screen.  She thought this was so funny and would squeal with delight when I would try and kiss her.

Aunt Etsuko took us to a nearby park in the morning for a walk and apparently Mother Nature sent out her letter that it was time for the season to change to the wrong address. There were a few tress already changing colors and one had dropped many of its leaves already! Sheesh…it’s only mid-August!  I am almost ready for fall but not quite yet. Of course, Nala strikes one of her many fabulous poses. 😉

Jos sure did love crunching the leaves.  I can’t wait to play in the leaves with her here….in about 2.5 months though!

Nala scratching her back and Jos having fun.

Aunt Etsuko chasing Nala…Nala sure does get spoiled when we visit Aunt Etsuko and Uncle Joel.  Thanks for having us over Joel and Etsuko…you are brave souls to welcome a one year old and a spoiled dog into your home. 🙂

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