1 Year Old In A Flash Birthday Bash

LOVE this grin!

I’m finally getting around to posting pics from Joslyn’s 1 Year Old In A Flash birthday party we had on July 21st with friends and family….better late than never I suppose. 😉  I found the theme online and thought it was very fitting since my babe is well acquainted with the camera and we had plenty of photos to use.  We had a big photo of her hanging up, lots of little ones around as well, and her monthly owl photos were on display.  I also created a game by using a photo of Joslyn from each month (1-12) and guests had to guess which month they thought it was.  Congrats to Jane who got 9 of the months correct! The photos were displayed on baby food jars.  I painted the lids, Justin drilled holes in the lids, and I attached an alligator clip to some photo wire and glued the wire to the bottom of the lid and then attached the photo.  Presto!  Perfect little photo clips!  Also, the jars were filled with rice and I tied a small piece of pink tule around it.  We also had a photo booth set up with some mustaches and lips on sticks for people to use as props…I just printed some clip art, laminated them (well, Joslyn’s Grampi actually did this for me), and then glued them to a dowel.  It was quite fun!

Photo booth pics

I’ll be sending out copies through email soon. 🙂

Party prep…I really need to invest in some cake decorating tools if I plan on doing this kind of thing every year. 🙂

The top middle is our handmade growth chart Jos got from her Nanny.  Justin was the grill master.  The bottom right pic is the game table.

Frosting the cupcakes.  Go Team!!

More prep and the party spread

We grilled turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs (they went on the table to the left when they were ready), we had a yummy bean dip with chips, a veggie and fruit platter, salami and cheese platter from Alison along with a pasta salad from her as well, Mary Lou’s potato dish, pimento cheese spread with crackers, cupcakes, lemonade, cucumber water, and beer.  It was quite the spread.  YUMMY!  Thanks to all who helped out.

Cake Time

Jos was too busy looking around at everyone as they were singing at her to notice her cake but…

she finally noticed and I just love her big smile as I’m giving her owl cake to her.

And here she is signing owl with me…she was very excited when she realized it was an owl and kept saying “hoo hoo” over and over.

Although she wasn’t interested in eating too much of it, she did take a few bites and certainly enjoyed patting it and making owl sounds! 😉

What a HAPPY day!!!

Present opening time…I think this one is funny as we both appear to be talking.

Joslyn is sharing her “cake” from her tea set she got with Savannah.

Loving her balloons!!

Uncle Joel playing tea party with Joslyn…what a good uncle!

Justin, Joel, and Ken got the photo booth set up after their morning bike ride. 🙂

Me and my babe…love her so much!

The crew

Thanks everyone for making Joslyn’s first birthday so special.  Also, thanks to those who thought of her but were unable to attend.  We’re looking forward to another year of special memories.

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One Response to 1 Year Old In A Flash Birthday Bash

  1. alison rice says:

    these are so fun. What a great time we had that day. Joel looks excellent in his party hat.

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