A Date, What’s That?

Yes, we got to go on a date today!!  And let me tell you, it was SO nice to have time with just my husband…it had been so long I hardly remembered how it felt.  Justin’s parents came over and they watched Miss J for us which was awesome.  They watched her for us one other time while we went out for lunch, but that was a very quick trip and right back to our babe so it didn’t feel like much of a date.  This time around though, I was completely confident my babe would do fine.  She has really been enjoying spending time with her Nanny & Grampi and it’s so fun to see that relationship blossoming.  When I told her they were coming over this weekend, a wave of recognition came across her face as soon as she heard their names and she smiled really big.  It may have taken awhile (Jos really requires people to put in some face time before she is totally comfortable), but we have finally arrived!

So, what did we do on our date?  Well, we broke it up into two parts.  Part 1 – At 7:30am we went out for a 9 mile bike ride and then it was home for breakfast and time with the family.  I think Justin was a bit surprised I wanted to go for a bike ride as part of our date.  I miss those days though when he and I could just head out for a ride together, so it was the perfect start to the morning.  Part 2 – After a morning of yard work and a nap for Joslyn, we went to one of our favorite places for our favorite veggie burger in town and fries.  Then, we went to the store for a little shopping.  It was pure bliss!  Now, that’s not to say I wasn’t happy to see my precious girl when I returned because I certainly was but boy was that time away with Justin wonderful.  THANK YOU Ken & Mary Lou!

The pictures above are not from our date. 😉  They are some from Joslyn’s birthday party.

Yard work in progress!  It will be nice to get some vegetation planted in the front yard.

Ken took Nala for a nice walk before it got too hot while Justin and Mary Lou dug up the front yard.  I switched between bringing them water and cutting back some flowers and plants in the backyard.

Hard at work!

At first, Nala was skeptical of the yard project, but…

she eventually came around and…

situated herself right in the middle of the action. 🙂  After all, she had to be closer so she could oversee the project properly.  Now, what to plant?

Have a good week everyone!

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