Pasta Polly

Miss J has been dubbed “Pasta Polly” as she seems to love pasta!  Can you blame her…good carbs, marinara, basil, etc….all good things!  We had some Caprese Pasta a few nights ago (this was also the same pasta for her July 11th birthday dinner) with homemade tomato sauce, basil, and mozzarella…super simple and yummy.  Well, Pasta Polly here decided to use the EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) from her pasta as hair gel, so she had a spike all evening.

Here is Pasta Polly again and this face sums up several of the days we’ve had this week! 😉  Darn molars need to hurry up and make their debut!

It hasn’t all been bad though…we’ve had some fun times sprinkled in as well this week.  Jos tried some fresh basil and parsley from the garden and seemed to enjoy them.  She also got some good play time in with rocks (notice the rock in her hand), as she loves rocks these days.  We also enjoyed a walk and lunch with friends Monday and our regular Mom’s group walk on Wednesday although, believe it or not, I don’t take pics of everything. 😉

More play with rocks although you can’t see it in this pic as it is in her shadow but that’s what she is bending down to grab.

Embracing the wind

Even though we often complain about it, it felt nice on this day.

Wearing a new dress from Great Mama Pearl in West Virginia.  We can’t wait to visit and see our WV family soon!  I put their pictures in an album and Joslyn and I have been looking at them and saying hello everyday.  She also likes to give them kisses. 🙂 You can see a bit of her swollen gums in this one…poor babe.  Teething is hard work!

I could give you hundreds of examples of where Jos looks just like her Daddy in pics, but this one reminds me of my baby pictures.  She definitely looks like her beloved “Da-da” but I certainly will admit that I love it when I see just a tiny bit of me in her. 😉

Fun time at the park with friends this morning.

Now, looking forward to the weekend! Also, I am still working on party pics from J’s Saturday bash so friends and family that attended, I will get them up soon for you to see. 🙂

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