Tea Party Dress

I’m still working on the birthday party pics…it’s slow going around here especially since we have been sick.  Plus,this getting molars thing is taking a toll on me. I’ll be a VERY happy lady once the teething is done!  I’m sure everyone else will be happy too. 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple of photos of Joslyn that were taken after her tea party in her sweet dress.  This dress came from my friend Selena (Thanks Selena…we love this dress) and we’ve had it since my baby shower which was before Miss J was even born.  The first birthday tea party was the perfect occasion to wear it.  I think I need to have another tea party just so we have a good reason to wear it again. 😉  Or not, who says she can’t wear it while we are grocery shopping or out for a walk!

If it’s good enough to play in the rocks with then I’d say we can wear it whenever…no occasion needed. And playing in the rocks is what this girl is all about these days.  She absolutely loves picking up tiny pebbles, big stones, whatever she can find!  It’s nice because she has slowed down on trying to put them in her mouth too which makes it much less worrisome for me although I still watch her like a hawk. 😉

Sweet Feet!

Playing in the water table after the party…the water table was a birthday gift from us  (Justin built it and did a GREAT job!), but Jos got it before her birthday.  It was nice having it for both parties for the kiddos to play in.

Ahhh yes, she’s constantly climbing under things.  I suppose it was her party so she can hide under the table if she wants to!

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  1. Shannon says:

    So Pretty!!

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