Joslyn & the Owl ~ 1 Year!!!

Woohoo!  We made it!  This little sweet pea turned 1 on July 11, and I still can’t believe it!  In my mind it still doesn’t seem real or possible and I keep thinking that before I know it she will be 2, then 3, then starting Kindergarten…!  Yikes! I definitely need to keep reminding myself to soak it all up now because she will not be a baby much longer. 😦  Sad yes, but also exciting because we will then find new and exciting “big girl” things to do.

So, Jos went to her 1-year-old check-up on Monday and let’s just say that she really impressed the nurse with her strength and caused her to sweat. 😉  Yes, Momma was the unlucky one who got to hold her down for her shots while she fought it with every bit of strength in her little body.  She’s definitely not one to passively go along with things she doesn’t enjoy which as hard as that may be for us now it will hopefully be a great quality for her to possess as she grows up.  This was the first time that I actually got tears in my eyes (it’s always been hard and pulled at my heart-strings but never like this)…it was miserable holding her and watching her struggle and cry and scream knowing she was in pain like that but at the same time knowing this had to happen. Anyway, we made it through and she came home and took a nice nap.

Weight – 20 lbs. 11 oz. ~ 50%

Height – 29 in. ~ 50%

Head – 18 in. ~ 75%

Jos held steady at around the 50% in height but her weight took a bit of a dive as last time she was at the 74%.  The doc (one we normally don’t see) mentioned this but didn’t seem too overly alarmed…she just mentioned we should feed her often.  Trust me lady, we do but she has a mind of her own!  I really think that alot of it is also because she is much more active now…since her 9 month appt. she has been crawling everywhere and she also started walking just before her birthday!  Have I mentioned this yet?  Yep, she is walking and it’s a rare occasion that I see her crawl these days.  She also goes through cycles where she likes one food for a while and then refuses it. For example, she only wanted cheese for the longest time (we didn’t allow her to just eat cheese though but that’s all she asked for), and now when we try to give her cheese she spits it out.  Yes, that is her new thing if she doesn’t like something….just open the mouth and let the undesirable object fall right out even if it’s half chewed already. 😉  Plus, I imagine she’s going to be on the smaller side anyway given that she comes from two smaller people.

My original plan was to just do monthly photos for the first year and then switch to yearly ones but I think I am going to continue at least through year two since she will change so much this year too.  It will be fun to see the changes, so expect more monthly owl photos…we are not done yet!

So, Miss J also had her first cold this week along with my first cold since before I was pregnant.  No fun!  We have been two stuffy and crabby girls around here.  Jos also had a fever for a couple of days but I’m thinking that was mostly related to teething (it was confirmed at the dr.’s office that she is working on her molars plus a couple more) and to her shots.  She got a red rash around her arm where one of the shots went in this time and had bruises on her arms…poor babe. By the way, she’s signing monkey and making monkey noises in the pic above. 😉

Again, signing monkey.  Today, we are feeling better and I think our colds are at the end of their  life cycle…thank goodness!  However, poor Baby J has been accident prone today.  She fell and hit her cheek on the outside of the bathtub, then about 5 minutes later she was walking and handing me some cards and fell face first on the tile floor giving herself a slightly bloody lip that is now puffy and fat. 😦  Poor thing, I know accidents are bound to happen and we are lucky considering we haven’t had any major falls, cuts, scrapes, or bruises up to now but it still saddens me to see my sweetie with a fat puffy lip.  Luckily, it didn’t bother her enough to keep her from her beloved milky so she nursed right to sleep after the incident and is sleeping it off right now.  Can’t wait to hug the little sweetie as soon as she wakes up!

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One Response to Joslyn & the Owl ~ 1 Year!!!

  1. Sandra Ross says:

    beautiful little girl, just like her mommy

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