Busy Weekend

We spent the weekend with Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi while Justin did the Seattle to Portland bike ride with Joel.  It was a fun weekend full of shopping, walking, playing with rocks, playing with the new set of building blocks Grampi made for J, eating yummy food, and spending time in good company.

First up, we met this handsome dude on the road to Portland…he was on the road to Portland, not us.  It was fun seeing him and Joel on the first part of their 200 mile journey!

Joslyn even enjoyed waving to the bikers, but her favorites were Daddy and Uncle Joel!

We also went to church with Nanny & Grampi on Sunday.  Miss J did great the entire hour and I only took her out to walk around for about 15 minutes (she wants to walk all the time now).  Joslyn even got to ring the church bell!

One of the neat and special things about this church is that Ken (J’s Grampi) designed it. He’s a very talented architect.  In fact, he wowed us this weekend by constantly coming up with cool designs out of the blue for Joslyn’s new building blocks set he made. It was fun seeing his creativity in this area.

Church is over…time to head home for some blueberry pancakes!  Nanny treats us well when we visit! Thanks for all of the yummy food Mary Lou!

Thanks Ken for snapping this pic of me and my precious 1 year old…I still can’t believe she’s 1!!!

Nala enjoyed the weekend too…we went on neighborhood walks and she spent time in Nanny’s beautiful garden. Of course, she mostly wanted to go outside so that then she could come back in and beg for a treat. 😉

And today we went to the lake to splash in the water with Miss J sporting her new bathing suit we got on one of our many shopping adventures this weekend.  She loved splashing and playing in the rocks.  She also really liked it when I would pick her up and twirl her feet around in the water.

Miss Nala enjoyed the lake too although she prefers dry land unless it’s really hot.

“Are you ready yet Mom?”

What a great weekend and now it’s time to focus on Joslyn’s birthday celebrations this weekend!  First up is a tea party with some friends and their babes followed by a bigger bash on Saturday!  Lots to do…wish me luck!

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