Tiny Trekker: Ingalls Pass

We took our tiny trekker to Ingalls Pass today for a little 5 mile hike although it felt much further with the elevation gain and the heat!  Don’t worry Miss J actually stayed pretty cool since she got to ride most of the time and exert very little physical effort although her Momma was a sweaty mess after packing her around the mountain.  Justin and I shared the load, but I don’t think he was quite as sweaty as I was.  We had her in her sunsuit, lathered with sunscreen, she wore her hat, and we stopped twice for snacks.

We had some unexpected visitors at our first snack stop…mountain goats! Justin was eating a sandwich and I was nursing Jos when I heard something.  I just thought it was hikers, but then I looked up and saw a mountain goat and noticed the baby with it.  At that point, I got up with Joslyn and started backing down the trail…we all know how protective Mommas can be, mountain goat or human!   Then, I noticed two more also with babies.  They started walking toward us at a pace that was a bit faster than I was comfortable with, so we headed up the hillside and happily gave them the trail.  They continued about their business as we watched them grazing.

Joslyn waved hello to them and then we were on our way to find a new location to have our lunch.  After we finished eating, the silly goats started heading back up the hillside where we were but we were able to keep our paths from crossing.

Water break!

Love the squinty eyed smiles!!

Joslyn is taking in the gorgeous view as Daddy works hard!

Joslyn is doing “Super Girl”…when we say that she sticks one or both arms in the air.  Too cute!

There was actually quite a bit of snow, so we decided not to go all the way to the top.  We were maybe 1,000 feet below, if that, but the rest of the way up had lots of snow and we had already gone through enough.  We took a break and got Joslyn out of the pack and I let her walk on the snow thinking she would like it…

WRONG, so wrong!  She sat down and started crying so our adventure in the snow was short-lived.

“Look Daddy, I can fly!”   This girl cracks me up!

Such a sweet pair.

Our little mountain goat!

Yes, Sophie was along for the ride!  Joslyn kept a tight grip most of the way even carrying Sophie in her mouth at one point!

We had a great day, and I’m looking forward to our next hiking adventure!

In other weekend news, we had a last-minute BBQ with some friends and the girlies got to play in Joslyn’s new water table that Daddy built her for her birthday.

I know I’m biased, but I certainly think these two are the cutest one year old girlies in town!

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One Response to Tiny Trekker: Ingalls Pass

  1. alison rice says:

    great shots from the hike. looks like a fun day.

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