Diapers, Strawberries, & an Attempt at a Family Picture

Joslyn has figured out where I keep her diapers!  She likes to pull them all out of the drawers, so to distract her from that while I put them away and closed the drawers I suggested she “change Bear’s dipe”.  Well, she certainly gave it a good try and her attempt was very cute.  I think she was a little upset that Bear’s clothes would not come off (she kept trying to take them off) as she knew this had to happen in order for her to put on the diaper.

She went about trying though…

I picked a bowl full of strawberries from our garden the other day so…

Joslyn got to try her very first strawberry.  She should be familiar with the taste as strawberries were one of the foods I ate ALOT of while pregnant.

She had to closely inspect this new food first.

 She tasted it and I thought she may spit it out as she made a “sour face”.

However, she quickly started smiling and signing “more” with great enthusiasm!

Joslyn got a couple more strawberries but I used most of them, along with some leftover blueberries, to make some scones.  I have been on a quest the past month to find the perfect scone recipe for Joslyn’s birthday tea party and this is my 4th batch!  I think I’m done…I’m happy with two of the recipes so that’s good enough for me. 🙂

Lastly, we went for a walk over the weekend (well, Joslyn and I went for a walk and Nala and Justin hung out in the parking lot since the “Big Dog” has been refusing to walk when she doesn’t have any friends to play with….sheesh, see if we take her next time!), and we attempted a family picture.  It’s always interesting to see what we’re gonna get with these self-timer shots.

This one would have been my favorite, if only Nala was looking…

I think I like this one the best though…I just love how Joslyn has her hand on Nala.  Of course, Nala went in for a Joslyn kiss right after this was snapped. 😉

Happy 4th of July to everyone tomorrow!

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