Catch Up

Prepare yourselves for a post FULL of photos as I am catching up and sharing some that I haven’t until now.  These were all taken within the last few weeks but we’ve been very busy around here so blog posts haven’t been happening as frequently.

These were taken at my friend’s house.  Julie always has beautiful flowers blooming.  This may be the only one I got of Joslyn smiling though as she was too interested in Julie’s cat to be bothered with posing.

Oh, this face….

These next few are from when Joslyn’s Nanny and Grampi were over visiting a few weeks ago on their return trip from Nebraska.

Walking with Nanny

A little happy hour

Miss J NEVER does this so that tells you how sleepy this girl was….she was out!

Eating some avocado.  I’m diggin’ the hair!

I’ll tell you what she loves more than avocado though…watermelon!  She actually chose it over cheese the other day!

Watermelon Face

Watering the garden with Momma

A walk to the park with a friend and her kiddos…it was quite a busy day at the park!

Playing with Daddy’s salmon after lunch at his office this week.

I think it’s so precious when Jos sits like this and then she will pop up like a little prairie dog…too cute.

Enjoying the garden

Clean up time….no, these are not Joslyn’s toys, they are Nala’s but Joslyn enjoys getting them out for Nala and then cleaning them up!

She also likes to slam dunk her toys and Nala’s toys in her hoop.

Girl’s got balance but she still looks for my hands to hold onto rather than really trying it on her own yet.  She has taken a couple of steps on her own but nothing too major at this point.

At a friend’s wedding last weekend.

Lovin’ the sunshine!

No, I didn’t forget to put her other sock on…

she decided to take it off and hold it in her hand.  I think she learned this trick from her pal, Ellie, who we were walking with this day.  Ellie is a pro at getting her socks off.

Ahhh yes, this scene is all too common around here!

And last but not least…Joslyn’s newest trick!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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2 Responses to Catch Up

  1. Jen says:

    cute shots! Margaret is also a pro at getting her socks off! – Jen Jerabek

  2. great pictures. She can’t help but be a model. LOVE U ALL

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