Gorgeous Day for Photos!

So far we’ve had a non-windy day which is extremely exciting after three days of winds with gusts of up to about 48 m.p.h!  YUCK!  So, when I saw how gorgeous it was this morning I loaded up my girls and we headed out for photos and a walk.

Joslyn’s response to “Where’s Joslyn’s toes?”.

Nala, my perfect poser!

“Hello Mom!”

 My girls!

I just recently photographed Joslyn’s little pal at this same spot and it’s amazing how different it looks after only two weeks.  The flowers that were blooming are gone or on their way out and new ones are starting to take off.  It doesn’t matter how many times you take photographs at a particular place, you always end up with different ones depending on the time of day, subject, season, etc…, so it feels like a brand new spot every time.  I love it!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the day and that it’s beautiful and sunny wherever you are!

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