Where’s Momma’s Rhino?

There she is!!

This is the face I get whenever I ask, “Where’s Momma’s rhino?”  We have a Sandra Boynton book that has two rhinos that snort and snuff and this is one of Joslyn’s favorite things to do now.  Not that I encourage it or anything… 😉

How this babe cracks me up!  I need to put together a video of some of her new things as this week she has seemed to learn lots of new tricks!  She now signs monkey, elephant, fish, and today she signed “cheese please!” (a 2 word sentence already…what a brilliant baby! :)) Yes, we already have to spell the word cheese because if we don’t then the signing of cheese is incessant! That and milk….according to Joslyn those should be the only 2 food groups.  She also has a book with songs and a cd to go along with it and she knows it has the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” so when we are upstairs she grabs the book, opens it, looks at us, and starts stomping her feet and clapping her hands asking us to play the song. It’s so fun now that she is really starting to communicate.

Of course, Nala doesn’t understand what all of the fuss is about! 😉

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One Response to Where’s Momma’s Rhino?

  1. alison rice says:

    love her flip flops.

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