Joslyn & the Owl ~ 11 Months

How did this happen?  Our baby is only one month away from being 1!!!  She turned 11 months on Monday.  I’m excited for her first birthday, proud of all of her accomplishments so far, yet at the same time I’m feeling a wee bit sad thinking of the days when she was a tiny, tiny babe that I cradled in my arms at a whopping 6 pounds, 3 ounces. Those days are long gone and now she’s probably closer to 21 pounds and instead of cradling her in my arms (which I still do, just not as often), I’m now chasing her around the house, following closely as she climbs up the stairs at least 5 times a day and sometimes more, helping her walk, watching her start to balance herself and stand, and attempt to take those first solo steps.  I miss the newborn days in many ways, but I’m also having so much fun with my growing girl.  It’s a wonderful and amazing thing to watch her change and learn new things everyday, and I’m so lucky to have this precious little chickpea in my life!

Some of her latest accomplishments are:

Acquiring new signs – She now signs cheese, all done, more, dog, and milk.  It seems like the past few days she has been signing milk every half hour! Growth spurt, perhaps?

She knows where her belly, mouth, and toes are and will show you if you ask…well, if she’s in the mood.

She likes to brush her own hair and teeth!

She attempted to take her first solo steps yesterday and looked so proud of herself as she was doing it.

She can stand on her own for a few seconds now, and she looks like a little surfer balancing on her surfboard as she’s doing it.

She pushes her little walker wagon all around the house now although she frequently bumps into things and tends to veer off course.

She thinks monkey and seal sounds are pretty comical.

She’s trying LOTS of new foods although she still isn’t a big eater and definitely has her days (like today) where she barely eats.  She did keep asking for cheese though and milk, of course!  Sheesh!

She loves giving her Daddy hugs.

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings!

Below are a few of the outtakes from our photos with the owl…


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One Response to Joslyn & the Owl ~ 11 Months

  1. alison rice says:

    so fun and exciting to hear all the updates. Since you miss the baby stage I guess you’ll need to start working on the second child now. See you tomorrow.

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