Wordless Wednesday (ok, not really)

Lovin’ this hair that’s starting to curl out on the sides.

Again, the hair…

Also, this little gal now has a whopping total of 8 teeth!

J’s latest way to have fun.

Momma’s latest way to have fun! 😉

Irises are blooming, and they smell wonderful!

Big girl likes to feed herself now.

Someone got a new toy, and it wasn’t me, Joslyn, or Nala.

Snack time at the park with friends.

Swinging fun!

Swinging feet!

Nala’s favorite pastime.

Sweetest and most kissable cheeks around!

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One Response to Wordless Wednesday (ok, not really)

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh I love that last picture!!!! And 8 teeth! Holy cow! Cooper doesn’t even have 1 yet!! He’s a late bloomer!

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