Tofino Vacation ~ Part 1

Wow, so many photos to go through and so little time, but since I’ve been asked about more photos by a couple of very important people that we love dearly (Auntie Alison & Nanny), I thought I’d get a few up here especially for them.  So, this will be the first installment documenting our wonderful vacation on Vancouver Island last week.

We stayed in the town of Tofino, British Columbia, which unknown to us, turned out to be quite the surfing town.  That was definitely the thing to do there along with kayaking (we’ll have to try that when Jos is older), whale watching (didn’t see any…boohoo), beach combing, and enjoying the many native art galleries.  It was so nice to walk on the sandy beaches every morning, after coffee, enjoying the view, checking out the sea life in the tide pools, and finding shells on the beach.

This was from the first place we stayed…we tried out two different spots that were very close to each other, one for two nights and the other for three nights.  This was at Crystal Cove and the beach there was so nice and the little cove was perfect!  This is where Joslyn got to walk barefoot in the sand for the first time and also eat a bit of sand for the first time…yes, she took a big handful and it went straight to her mouth, of course.  Unphased, she went back for a second bite but didn’t manage to get that one before an intervention occurred!  Nala also met another Ridgeback and got to run with him for a bit our first night there.  There were tons of dogs and everyone seemed extremely dog friendly and for the most part, conscientious about picking up after their dogs which was nice to see.  This picture was taken by a cute young couple who offered to take it for us and as the girl was taking it she told us not to worry that she wouldn’t run off with the camera…haha!  As I giggled nervously (not really nervous) Justin said under his breath for me not to worry that he could run fast. 🙂 Glad I married a track star because I would have been seriously upset had this gal taken off with my camera and my new lens I received for Mother’s Day! Yes, not only was my hubs a track star at UW, but he’s also very good at keeping me up to date with the latest gadgets and accessories for my camera!  Thanks babe!

Joslyn’s first time walking on the beach.  I think it’s safe to say that she enjoyed it as there were lots of smiles!

Daddy’s turn to walk with Baby J on the beach.

Joslyn’s sandy little tootsies!

I think Nala would be happy living at the beach…she is such a happy and bouncy girl when her paws hit the sand.  She’s definitely our beach babe.

I think this one may turn out to be a beach babe too as she also seemed to love it.

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4 Responses to Tofino Vacation ~ Part 1

  1. alison rice says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place. Such a lovely family too. I loved to see J wearing the little jacket we bought her. I see she is “help-walking” I remember those days, our backs were killing us. Looks like you had a fun time, i got a laugh out of the camera/track-star story. thanks for sharing your trip (part 1) with us.

  2. A beautiful Family…

  3. Shannon Miller says:

    Love her little sandy toes!

  4. Iris Marshall says:

    I love the pictures of the beach and of course it is fun to see how happy Joslyn is playing and walking in the sand!

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