Joslyn & the Owl ~ 10 Months

Miss J is 10 months old today!  Oh my goodness, only two more months until she’s 1!  Check out how thick her hair is getting too.  I hadn’t noticed until I looked at this picture.  It’s especially thicker compared to the others in her monthly collage.  Other people have noticed, but I guess since I’m with her everyday it hasn’t been as apparent to me until now.  She is probably weighing in at about 20 lbs now and she seems to be getting taller all the time.  She is crawling all over the place and getting faster especially when she’s crawling after Momma, she’s pulling up on the couch, kitchen chairs, the wall, etc…, she’s getting quite good at walking holding onto our fingers, she’s gaining some balance and is able to stay upright for at least a second (hey, that’s good stuff!) on her own.  She also got her 7th tooth today, which may explain her need to be close to Momma most of the day and her multiple awakenings so far tonight.  Our baby is growing up.

This was from today.  I put Miss J down and went to wash my hands and before I knew it she was under my feet asking to be picked up and grabbing at my leg. 🙂  Teething is rough on sweet babes.

In other news…

Joslyn’s latest trick is crawling under the kitchen table chairs.

However, getting out is NOT her favorite part as she tends to bump her head. 😦

Joslyn has also been enjoying crawling through the play tunnel we had for Nala when she was a puppy.  We met our friends at the park earlier this week and they brought along their tunnel which reminded me that we had one, so Justin dug it out of the garage for Joslyn.  She has been having tons of fun crawling through it, playing hide and seek with Momma in it, and having some story time in it.

Nala enjoying the tunnel as a puppy…what happened to my puppy girl?  She was so tiny!

A few more pictures from this past weekend when Joslyn’s Nanny, Grampi, and Uncle Joel visited.  I think this was the second time Uncle Joel has held Joslyn.  The first was when she was 5 days old.  I love her expression as she’s checking him out.

Observing the dandelion.

Reading with Nanny.

And this one…this one cracks me up!!  I wish I knew what Joslyn was thinking in this one.  Also, notice that Nala was not to be outdone as Joslyn was showing off her pulling up skills to Nanny, so she jumped in and tried to steal some Nanny kisses. 🙂

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!  I am confident mine is going to be fabulous!

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One Response to Joslyn & the Owl ~ 10 Months

  1. alison rice says:

    love these photos Amber, thanks for sharing. Miss J is too cute.

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