Soul Sisters

Joslyn & Nala certainly seem to have a special connection.  Joslyn loves her Nala and is always signing “dog” and trying to say Nala these days.  She crawls to her and reaches out her hands to touch Nala, she pulls up on the couch to see Nala up there snoozing (well, Nala was snoozing before she heard a little munchkin launching an attack ;)),  and sometimes Nala is ok with it and others not so much.  Although Nala may high-tail it away from Joslyn at times as Joslyn is fast approaching or trying to touch her, don’t let that fool you…

Nala loves her Baby Joslyn too!  It just has to be on Nala’s terms.  Nala loves to give Joslyn ear kisses, sniff the back of her head, and she has also been getting her toys and bringing them over to Joslyn to try and get her to play.  She will do a play bow to Joslyn and then let out a low growl that means, “come on Baby J, chase me around the table!”.   At first, the growl part frightened Joslyn, but I think she now knows that it’s Nala’s way of talking to her and trying to get her to play.  It’s so sweet to see my girls interacting like this.

No doubt, they will eventually wreak havoc together as they run laps around the table pulling out all of their toys to play.  I can see it now…

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3 Responses to Soul Sisters

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Nala! You take GOOD care of that human pup!

  2. alison rice says:

    sweet puppy love. hey are those the pants we gave Joslyn, if so i’m glad to see they fit.

  3. We can see it too!! I read you on the “has to be the Nala way” – Sheba would do the same!

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