Tiny Trekker

Joslyn enjoyed a desert hike to Ancient Lakes yesterday with Momma and Daddy.  We left early since we had a bit of a drive, packed a lunch, made sure Miss J was decked out in her hand-me-down sunsuit from our friends (Thanks Leah…this suit is perfect!), her sunhat, and she even had sunscreen on for the first time.  The weather was gorgeous and there was a light breeze which was nice.  Joslyn did awesome throughout the entire trip…her giraffe, Sophie, didn’t fare as well though as she made several nose dives to the ground below on our journey. 😉 We opted to leave Nala at home, I know…we felt really bad, but Nala wouldn’t have enjoyed this hike in the open sun.  Even though she is an African breed she will refuse to go and just stop in the middle of the trail if she gets hot…go figure!  Also, this area is home to rattlesnakes and while we didn’t see any and felt safe with Joslyn on the trail we knew Nala would be running around sticking her nose into everything, so we didn’t risk it.  She got some great play time in with her pal today though to make up for it.

One of the many lakes and a beautiful cascading waterfall.  Notice Joslyn trying to take her hat off…she is normally really good with hats, but yesterday she kept pulling at it.  She finally gave up and realized it was staying on. 😉

Break time!

Daddy’s turn to carry Joslyn on the way back.  She fell asleep soon after we started our return trip…probably due to her Daddy’s smooth walk.

We happened upon The Duke and his partner on the trail. 😉

Happy Day!

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2 Responses to Tiny Trekker

  1. alison rice says:

    nice trioba gear Justin! i see sophie too. LIKE!

  2. Clover & Mom says:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you all had a blast! I would be too scared to go because of rattlesnakes – so glad you didn’t see any!

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