Joslyn’s 9 Month Photos

Here are a few of the 9 month shots I took of Joslyn last Friday at my friend’s house.  I posted a few more on my photography blog  and wanted to share some here too.  I am posting way too many because I really struggle to narrow it down especially when it comes to pictures of my sweet girl.

Joslyn can hold herself up now, but she still hasn’t pulled herself all the way up by herself. Today though she pulled up to almost standing using my knees, but they were to low for her to stand straight up, so she was a bit bent over.  Also, if she grabs something while standing she forgets about holding on and tends to fall backwards. 😉

Lovin’ the grass and flowers…both of us, that is!

Let’s just say that Joslyn enjoyed the flowers a little too much! She tried to eat two of them and was highly upset when I took her yellow tulip from her. 😉

I adore this one with Julie’s hand giving Joslyn the flower.

 This girl is the apple of my eye!

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One Response to Joslyn’s 9 Month Photos

  1. But where is Nala 😉 ?

    You’ve captured so many awesome J looks and smiles!

    Thanks for sharing them!

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