Joslyn & the Owl ~ 9 Months

Technically, Miss J is 9.5 months now, but I was waiting for her 9 month appointment, which we had on Monday, to post this.

Weight = 19 lbs. 13 oz. (74%)

Height = 27 1/4 in. (49%)

Head Circumference = 17 in. (50%)

She is definitely getting taller and not gaining weight as fast now.  She’s gonna start to lose that chubba bubba belly as she gets even taller and is moving around more.  I will miss her roly-poly belly once it’s gone.

Wow, in 3 months my baby will be 1 already! SHEESH!

The challenge for this picture session was that Jos would lunge forward to try and get a toy I had to get her attention, so I had to have my left hand free to make sure she didn’t fall while my right hand frantically snapped pics. 🙂 Luckily, it’s a deep chair.

These are from Monday…waiting to see the doctor with Daddy.

Playing with Momma’s sunglasses while we waited for the doctor.  Joslyn LOVES to swipe people’s glasses!

She enjoyed scrunching the paper on the table too.

She was all smiles and giggles until the doctor came in and then the “stranger danger” kicked in and she didn’t enjoy the exam at all…not too surprising.

Once we got home, Miss J surprised us with…


Since Monday she has been getting better everyday and she can make it clear across the family room and into the dining room now.

Yep, we have a little crawling machine now and she is just so focused when she does it…check out that face. 🙂

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  2. Oh man, now you are in for it!!! You will get nothing done now until you have another one for her to play with or she’s napping! LOL! Looks like she started crawling up on all 4’s! Caleb was the only one of our kids that did that. The other two army crawled on their bellies with their elbows and toes and only crawled on all 4’s for less than a month before walking. But they all walked at about 10 months old! She’ll be there soon! She’s so cute!

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