Park Date

Miss Joslyn made her first trip to a park today where she got to try out the swing and the slide for the first time.  She seemed to like the swing but wasn’t as impressed with the slide.  I think she would have stayed in the swing for quite some time as she seemed very content watching what was going on around her and getting a teeny push every now and then from Momma.  We were with our friends, Julie, Savannah, & Cash, and Joslyn enjoyed their company.  I was grabbing her toes when she would swing toward me and she would smile so sweetly and then Savannah started doing it too and she was just as thrilled.

She held on with this one hand the entire time she was in there…so sweet.

This is my favorite one from the day…I just adore her expression and how she’s holding on with one hand while the other is clenched in excitement.

Joslyn loved watching the big kids and checking out what they were up to.

Savannah getting Miss J’s toes.

Like I said, she was not as impressed with the slide. 😉

The rest of us had fun sliding though.

Ok, there’s a smile but it wasn’t the slide, it was Julie coaxing that smile out of my baby.  Thanks to Julie for taking some of these pictures!

Playing with her stacking cups…looks like we are having a tea party.  I hope she wants to have tea parties when she’s older.

Joslyn was happy playing with Savannah but she wasn’t too thrilled about being on her lap…she only wanted Momma to hold her.

Playing shy with Julie.

Boys will be boys…

This is Joslyn’s latest facial expression…she does it all the time now.

Oh yes, this is what it looks like…Cash would sit at the bottom of the slide and then Savannah would come sliding down and ram into him knocking him onto the ground.  It was his idea and he kept asking for more…oh dear! 😉

Can’t wait for the next park visit!

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  1. abbyhoefer says:

    Love all the pictures!!

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