All Dogs Should Have Paw-ties!

Another successful doggie birthday paw-ty is behind us and it was a grrreat one! 😉  Some people may think it’s a bit “over the top” to have a party for your dog, but I think it’s a must for the special canine members of our families.  You don’t have to make them doggie birthday loaf or homemade biscuits for their party guests like I did and you don’t even have to play paw-ty games, but at least do something special for them on their big day….birthday or Gotcha Day, if you adopted and don’t know their actual birthday.  Just spending special time with their people and maybe a doggie pal or two is great.  Nala definitely knew something was up that morning…she could feel my excitement and she was following me around as I prepared everything. I think she had a sense she was about to do something very fun and that’s really all it’s about…fun for your loyal and trusted canine friend.  After all, they do so much more for us than we even realize so why not celebrate them!  So, as you know that’s what we in the Yeager household do…we celebrate our doggie daughter because she celebrates us everyday with her loyalness, slobbery kisses, and cuddles.

 It was a nice day and Nala was pleased to have 7 of her pals there to celebrate with her.  Well, the little black and white puppy, Charlie, is a foster dog we just met for the first time, so if anyone is looking for a sweet puppy to adopt then we can hook you up with Charlie. 😉  Justin brought Joslyn to the paw-ty after her nap and she did great with everyone and all of the doggie guests.

Ozzie, Nala’s long-time pal

Kiya, Nala’s new friend, and Charlie, the sweetie that’s looking for a home

Joslyn enjoyed the paw-ty from the Ergo!

Game time!  We had three cups and under one was a very fragrant treat the dogs got to sniff beforehand and then we timed them to see who could knock over the cup and find the treat the fastest.  Well, Sierra, another long-time pal of Nala’s, (top) eventually knocked the cups over but I think she really thought I was crazy as she sat right down in front of me as if saying, “come on lady, I know you have the treats now look at me sitting pretty.”  Most of the doggies didn’t quite get the object of the game, but Hank (bottom) got the treat in 4 seconds!  He was the winner taking home a delicious spiral chew.  As you can tell, I was quite impressed as none of the other dogs had quite figured it out yet and it was a slam dunk for Mr. Hank.

 Of course, Nala got it too but her time was 6 seconds!  She is a bit practiced at games like this so perhaps it was an unfair advantage she had.  I was very proud of her!  I love the way she is looking at me in the top picture and the way Emil is looking at her as he is very sneakily going to each cup so she won’t know which one he put the treat under. 😉

The other game we did was a recall race where the dogs had to stay while their people went away from them and then called them.  The dogs who got to their people first advanced to the next round and in the end Nala’s pal, Marlin, won but it was SO close between he and Kiya!

Marlin and Katy…he is quite the Momma’s boy and only strays from her side long enough to retrieve balls that have been thrown.  Unfortunately we ended up doing a pic of the group but Katy and Marlin had already left by then…sorry Katy & Marlin but this pic of the two of you is rather cute.

Zoom, zoom, zoom Nala!!

The paw-ty attendees!  Thanks Emil for taking this photo and thanks to both Emil and Mel for taking some photos during the games.

Thanks to everyone who came and made Nala’s day special!

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One Response to All Dogs Should Have Paw-ties!

  1. Remi says:

    Awwwwww. I wish we could have gone. Nala looks like she had a blast!! Things have been soooo busy here with our remodel and my job promotion. Still hoping the pups can get together sometime. Take care.

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