Ready to PAW-ty!!!

It’s paw-ty day and time to celebrate Nala’s 6th birthday!  Her birthday was actually on Easter, but the paw-ty is today and we are very excited!

She basked in the sun while Momma worked hard at making peanut butter bones for all of her paw-ty guests, and her too, of course!

If they had some sugar they would be quite tasty but no sugar for doggies.

Packaged and ready to go…not sure how many doggie friends will be showing up, but we are prepared.

Nala was my official taste tester and she approved….they passed her test with wagging tails!

As for the paw-ty cake, this year we decided to do a birthday loaf…here it is in its pre-cooked stage.  It has ground turkey, 2 eggs, whole wheat bread crumbs, a little milk, and in the middle is a layer of frozen chopped spinach and cheddar cheese cubes! YUM!  I think this meaty dish will be a hit with the canines!

And the after shot….look at all that gooey cheese goodness.  Think I”m gonna do this the next time I make a meatloaf for us. 😉 I’ll post some paw-ty pics later, but for now I have to make sure the birthday dog and her human sister are ready for the festivities!

Happy 6th Birthday Nala!  We love you sweet girl!

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One Response to Ready to PAW-ty!!!

  1. remi says:

    Hope your paw-ty was fun. All that food looks grrreat! Happy 6th b-day, sis!

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