Fun In The Sun

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so Joslyn and I went for a hike with our friends Charlene and Ellie.  We hiked through a beautiful canyon on a trail that follows a creek.  At the end, we took the girls out of their carriers and dipped their toes in the cool water which they seemed to enjoy, and we threw rocks in the creek.   Joslyn also enjoyed squishing her toes in the mud.  It was so wonderful to be outside enjoying the warm, sunshiny day.  Once we got back to the cars Joslyn & Ellie had a snack (the Mommas had snack too), and then we packed up.  Joslyn seemed to have a good time and she was in such a happy mood the rest of the day, squealing and playing and trying to get Momma to mock her vocal sounds.

I love how their little toes curl up.

 I’m definitely looking forward to more outdoor time as the weather is getting warmer and more good times spent with great friends.

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