but no crawl!  I thought Miss J would have taken off by now as this was last week, but this learning to crawl thing is challenging.

She is getting up on her knees more now and rocking back and forth but she hasn’t quite figured out how to go forward just yet although she is quite good at backwards. 😉

She typically starts by doing this and sticking her tiny bum way up in the air and then she gets on her knees.

The look of determination….well, either that or she has already mastered the “stink eye” and is telling me enough with the camera Momma! Hehe!

I imagine this smile only getting bigger once she realizes she can move around and get to things that have been out of her reach all this time.

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3 Responses to Close…

  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Great photos!

  2. Shannon Miller says:

    I Love her pants! I also Love how you captured her learning how to crawl! Cooper is doing the same thing! They will be so happy when they learn to crawl!

  3. alison rice says:

    i love the second to last pic. she looks likes she doing a push up with determination. go girl!

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