Saying Goodbye…

People come in and out of our lives all the time, but every once in a while someone comes along that you just immediately connect with.  That was how I felt with Marilee….perhaps it was that when she and her husband first moved in next to us they were expecting their first child too, perhaps it was that she too is crazy in love with her dog like me, perhaps it was how friendly and outgoing she was, or perhaps it was something different all together although I think it was a combination of all of these things.  Whatever it was, I’m sure glad I got to know her and we became friends.  It has been wonderful going through all the things that come with new motherhood together and watching our babies grow and reach those developmental milestones.  By the way, Happy 5 months today Matthew!

This morning, they pulled away in their U-Haul headed for a new town.  Although we decided that it wasn’t really goodbye because we plan to get together at some point to celebrate our munchkins first birthdays, it is still very sad.  It is goodbye to impromptu playdates, coming over last-minute to have some banana bread and tea, heading out for walks, or having Girl’s Night In and watching the Bachelor (well, we only did this once but I imagine it would have happened more since our babes were finally both sleeping better:), and it is goodbye to having such wonderful neighbors!

We wish their family the best on their new adventure and hope that they love their new home.  I must admit that I hadn’t shed a tear until now that I’m writing this.  I guess it hasn’t felt real until now…

We will miss you Marilee, Matthew, Pete, & Marley.  And Matthew, you are definitely Top Dog in our book, buddy! 😉  Thank you for being one of Joslyn’s very first friends.

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