Daddy’s Hands

Joslyn’s really been enjoying having Daddy help pull her up to a standing position lately.  They do this everyday and she just loves it.

I love this….so sweet looking up at her Daddy!

Check out those top two teeth also.  She also got her right cuspid and the left one is close behind.  The cuspids have definitely caused some challenges.  Not fun having a bitey baby when you’re trying to nurse her to sleep. 😦  Hopefully we’ll be over these cuspid issues soon because my patience and “milky makers” can’t take much more. 😉  Last night I told her “No, you don’t bite Momma” and immediately put her in her crib.  She didn’t like that so I got her back in bed with me to try again and once again down came the teeth….so, back into the crib where I left her for a bit longer (less than a minute).  She got quite fussy and looked at me with wide eyes like “What’s wrong Momma?”  That time when I got her back in bed with me she was ready to get down to business and go to sleep.  I know she’s just teething, her gums probably hurt, and she certainly doesn’t mean any harm, although I swear she gets an evil grin on her face sometimes, 😉 but it doesn’t feel good AT ALL!  I really hope she doesn’t turn into a biter as she gets older.  I remember my brother, Aaron, biting us when he was little.  Eventually he was bitten back and his biting stopped.  Love ya Aaron! 🙂  Hopefully Joslyn’s biting is just conditional and will stop VERY soon!  It doesn’t happen every day but this week has been a big biting week for us…darn cuspids!

It’s quite funny how one minute I’m oohing and ahhing over those cute little “toofers” and the next I’m cursing them under my breath. 😉  Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of motherhood.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing she’s so darn cute! 😉

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4 Responses to Daddy’s Hands

  1. alison rice says:

    these pics are presious. i love them. sorry about the biting.
    hugs to you all,
    aunti alison

  2. alison rice says:

    prescious opps

  3. alison rice says:

    precious… third time’s a charm.

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