Memory Monday & More

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Memory Monday post, so I thought I’d do one today.  Check out Miss J when she was brand spankin’ new!  She was about 2 weeks old here….sportin’ that newborn peeling skin and her nursing blister.

Here she is this morning as we were headed out to do some errands.  How quickly they change right before our eyes.  We’ve been putting her in dresses lately and just bought two more cute ones this weekend.  So fun to dress her up!  This sweet dress is from my brother, Aaron, and future sister-in-law, Hope! (and their girls, Megan & Allie too)  The Easter bunny clip is from Auntie Etsuko and Uncle Joel.  It’s Joslyn’s first time with “Pebbles hair.”  How lucky we are to have such awesome family and friends who keep Miss J in style.

And the after “Pebbles hair” look…we call this one “The Wave”.  Here she is just a couple of hours ago having some peach oatmeal for lunch.  The bib was handcrafted by her talented Nanny.  I need to learn how to sew next, but I better stick with one thing at a time…knitting is giving me a run for my money right now.

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day to all!  Joslyn may not have any Irish blood in her, but she sure got her share of kisses that day.  We didn’t do anything to celebrate on that day other than take this photo.  We actually headed to “The Palm Springs of Washington” for a shopping trip which was fun.  Joslyn and I went a couple of weeks ago on a shopping trip of our own and this lady at the craft store told me she looked just like the Campbell’s Soup baby. Hehe!  Then, this time at the craft store an older lady told Justin that Joslyn couldn’t look any more like him.  Apparently, he must have been Campbell’s Soup baby material too. 😉

We did celebrate with a St. Patrick’s Day inspired meal on Sunday though…YUM! Irish Stew and Irish Soda Bread Scones hit the spot.  The stew is a recipe from Food Network, but I swapped the lamb for chicken and the scones are from the Smitten Kitchen Blog. I love this blog although I haven’t made many of the recipes, yet.  The scones were a recipe I had tried before and liked so thought I’d make them again….they are so easy to make and even though they say Irish Soda Bread isn’t good the next day…well, I just had one with my lunch and it was still yummy to me.  Perhaps they are better on the day they are made, but I think they hold up well over a couple of days.  Then again, it isn’t a traditional Irish Soda Bread recipe, so perhaps that is why.

For the recipe click here.

My tiny Sous-chef!

Happy Monday everyone! Now, go and make some Irish Soda Bread Scones…you’ll thank me later! 😉

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One Response to Memory Monday & More

  1. alison rice says:

    i love irish soda bread, we bought ours this year and its was good for a few days. i’ll have to get your scone recipe.
    Miss J is so cute in her dress and hair clip.

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