I am addicted to this sweet little face.  All I have to do is think of her and I smile.  I knew I would be addicted before she was even born, but my love for her encompasses every fiber of my being in such a way that I never could have imagined before she was here.  Justin and I are so fortunate to be able to guide this little life and watch her grow.

I have been meaning to write her a letter (for when she’s all grown up) to tell her what she’s like now but I haven’t done it yet.  I do keep track of milestones, events, special occasions, etc… quite diligently and always jot stuff down on the calendar I have in her baby book so there is a record of all the important things, but I really do want to write it to her in letter format at some point.  I will make that my goal to complete by the end of next week, but for now I’ll make a list of some of the things we love about her right now at 8 months old.

~How she claps every time she hears the words clap or yay.  She was nursing today and I simply said the word clap, not attempting to get her to do it, and she immediately stopped nursing and started clapping.  It was SO cute and funny!

~How her hair is getting longer and falls over the top of her ears now.  Check out the photo above for this one. 🙂

~How she adores her furry sister, Nala, and loves to touch her.  She will just watch Nala sometimes and smile.  If she is close enough she will reach out that tiny hand to give Nala some lovin’.  Yes, she’s a bit grabby/pinchy but we are working on the word gentle and Nala doesn’t seem to mind for the most part.  In fact, Nala returns the love quite often with ear and hand licks and sniffs of Joslyn’s head.

~How she insists on turning the pages in the books we read together.  We have become quite quick at reading the pages, memorizing books, and condensing stories as Miss J is a fast page turner. 😉

~How she flaps her arms like she’s about to take flight when she’s excited.  She does this when Dada comes home, when she sees me bringing her a toy she enjoys, when we are playing, and when I come into the room after she has had some good play time with Dada and is ready for some Momma time again.

~How when she wakes up from a nap she rolls onto her tummy, turns her body on the bed to face the door, and waits for Momma to appear.  I think we may have to lower our bed because I fear that this little gal might just decide to crawl toward the door once she can get around.

~How she rolls back and forth over and over when she’s not tired but it’s bedtime.  She rolls onto her tummy, looks at me, and then rolls onto her back again and repeats this many times.  I normally give in and play with her or get up and read some more stories until she’s sleepy.  It doesn’t take long until she’s ready for sleep.

~How she recently started tossing toys I give her while on the changing table over the side of it. I retrieve them for her and immediately over they go again.  She learned this trick a couple of weeks ago in the bathtub and was tossing toys over the side of her little tub.

~How she splashes water in the tub with her hands and feet.

~How she snuggles her little head against my shoulder when she’s tired.  She also does this when someone else is wanting to hold her and she doesn’t want to go with them…she is clearly telling them she would prefer to stay with her Momma, thank you very much. 😉

~How she gets this knowing smile on her face when I cradle her in my arms and rock her, singing lullabies, like I did when she was a newborn.  It’s like, “Oh yea, I remember this and I like it.”  Although after a few minutes she is squirming to get into a new position.

~How she arches her back when she doesn’t want in her car seat or high chair.  Ok, honestly I don’t love this one but it was funny at first.  😉  Luckily, she seems to have gone beyond that little phase, at least for now.

~How she palms her finger foods and works so hard to get those tiny morsels into her mouth.

~How she swipes glasses and pens from people every time she gets the chance.

~How she knows exactly what a camera is for and obliges by looking directly at it and smiling, most of the time.

~How she turns on her side at night when she wakes up, eyes closed, hands grasping, looking for her Momma that she knows is right there.

Well, the list could go on and on and on but those are definitely some of the things that we love about our little darling at the moment. We are so thankful to have this precious girl in our lives!

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2 Responses to Addicted

  1. Ahhhhhh!!!

    She’s so lucky – and you already know how lucky you are as well!

    Your talents so bring out her ‘J’ ness – and I can feel it all the way in PA!

    BTW, good thing you are SO taken with her – I think she’s yours forever now!

  2. So precious!!! Never thought that you could Love sooo much! I love that at 8 years old John Paul still grabs my hand when we are out. Those moments are the ones that you keep in your heart forever. You’re doing so good and your blog is recording every step. I wish we would have wrote more letters. We done one not long after he was born and I don’t think another one til he started kindergarden. Time flys by and they grow up before you know it. Enjoy every minute! You are a wonderful Mom and I know your Mom would be so Proud of you!

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